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Colleen P. Waddell, Esq. (Licensed NY & NJ)

Managing Director U.S.Colleen_Full


Colleen’s career includes stops at the local criminal prosecutor’s office, the Internal Revenue Service, a private law firm, and executive level internal positions at both U.S. and Foreign Banks and Broker Dealers. She is currently working with her Financial Services clients to ensure not only client tax/regulatory reporting and FATCA compliance, however, looking for combined compliance efficiency whether it be for large or mid-size banks, investment entities, insurance and most recently since working with Outlier, cryptocurrency.

Colleen, contrary to her colleague, Amber, is not a self-proclaimed “financial compliance nerd”, however, she has been called out as being a “tax reporting geek” and is trying to prove that tax reporting can be cool.

Colleen has chosen to team up with Outlier Solutions, Inc. as she firmly believes in the company’s mission statement, “that good compliance can be good business – when it’s done right.”